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Key Features of SLic-STik
Treadmill Care Kits

   • Minimizes Treadmill deck/belt friction
   • Minimizes Treadmill deck/belt noise
   • Minimizes amp draw of drive system
   • Minimizes major Treadmill repair costs
   • Maximizes overall life of Treadmill

[SLic-STik, Inc. Treadmill Lubrication System]

Our Goal

Is to provide the highest quality treadmill lubrication products along with the most cost-effective and hassle-free application process available to maintain your equipment.


The SLic-STik treadmill lubrication system offers a unique offset handle design and offers consumers a simple solution for their lubrication needs. The SLic-STik treadmill lubrication system is so simple it requires no adjustments of any kind. SLic-STik I uses a unique blend of paraffin wax, which is compatible with most treadmills that use a wax on the running belt/deck combination. SLic-STik II uses a unique blend of liquid silicon compatible with most silicon lubricated systems. Even those who advertise as "maintenance free" will benefit from applying SLic-STik lubrication to their running belt/deck. The SLic-STik treadmill care kits minimize deck/belt friction lowering overall amp draw of the treadmill which also extends the life of the running deck, running belt, drive motor and electronics. Extending the overall life of the treadmill while minimizing expensive repair costs and down time.

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